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My name is Christopher Peter, and I am the political economist behind the original podcasts and policy commentary you will experience here on my channel, The Christopher Peter Channel.

The purpose of the original content on The Christopher Peter Podcast and The CRC Review is to discuss salient topics from our current events impacting our public policy, national and global economies, and overall society.

My objective is to comprehensively evaluate issues focusing on facts, evidence, and data as well as all sides of the surrounding debate. As you can expect, my focus will be identifying workable solutions rather than contributing to the back-and-forth narratives that define our politics.

I encourage you to click on the above image to begin your experience with my channel. As you explore the featured original podcasts and policy commentary, please click on the main image to access the full portfolio of available content.

I thank you in advance for your viewership and hope you will come by to experience more content as it becomes available.